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A reinstatement contractor service is what you need when you are trying to move to a new house or a new office without any inconvenience. Most of residential and commercial units. We, singapore hackers provide professional hacking services in singapore for both home and office reinstatement. In Singapore, most tenancy agreements in residential and commercial units come with a reinstatement clause, which states that, upon the end of occupancy, the tenant must restore the premise back to its original condition before handing the unit back over to the landlord.

The whole process of reinstatement had to be completed within a short period of time where our professional in the singapore hackers help comes in handy.

Scope of our residential and commercial hacking services included in the singapore hackers are:-

  • setting up of hoarding boards
  • Wall hacking and floor tile hacking
  • removal of partition walls
  • dismantling of ceiling works
  • removal of furniture and equipment
  • removal of glass works and carpets
  • removal of sanitary and plumbing fixtures
  • dismantling of unwanted electrical wirings and power points
  • relocation of sprinklers and irrigation systems
  • dismantling of unwanted air-conducting systems
  • refurbishing ceilings and walls
  • wet works (laying of new cement screen)
  • painting and varnishing
  • general cleaning

It is very important to have an experience in the field of home and office reinstatement with reinstatement types of units across various locations when you are looking for hacking services in singapore or a demolition contractor. Also, you can be sure that the demolition contractor is familiar with your building’s requirements and skilled to complete hacking and reinstatement services efficiently.

Reinstatement contractor Singapore Demolition Hackers is a hacking demolition company offering restoration and reinstatement contractor services such as hacking, dismantling, disposal and touch-up work for offices, shops and residential units. For consultations, please contact us at 8299 0212 or 9767 6736.